An ode to friendship talk

My wisdom life and relationship has been an uneasy one at times and after returning to the platform after an enforced break for about a month, it was heartening and humbling to have others in the wisdom community so appreciative of the fact that I had decided to return. So this talk also speaks to […]

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Wisdom’s ask me a question #6

Just started to engage with Wisdom Audio again after what felt like a long absence. Part of that is answering questions put to me either other users, but more commonly people outside tyhe app posing questiong. I’m planning on posting hopefully the most interesting responses / questions. You can ask you own on the links […]

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My Wisdom Ban

So recently (about 1 months ago) I found myself on the receiving end of Wisdom’s policy enforcers. A message notified me that I had broken wisdom conduct code. At first I thought this was an error in the wisdom app, but upon checking it the next day opening the wisdom app and attempting a talk; […]

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