The Modern Pilgrims update

I’ve written previously about The Modern Pilgrims Julie and Brad’s journey across the Beltane Leyline (also known as the Michael and Mary leyline) and the great cause they are doing it for (mental health awareness and fund raising for the charity Mind) This is an update on that journey. Unfortunatley Julie and Brad have had […]

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The Modern Pilgrims

While I’ve been doing my own touring, I’d completely forgotten to check in on Julie from The Modern Pilgrims. I connected with Julie on Wisdom on her talk of the day and she returned the favour by being a guest on my talk. Julie, along with her husband Brad are setting off on a five […]

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Wisdom talk # 4 This is what I have been drawn to lately. This is very fresh, immediate, interactive and there’s a real sense of community here. Do your own talk, listen in to others talking, request a great spot on a talk or invite others to your own talk. Follow those you like and if you miss […]

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To have or to have not Wisdom

So I joined or signed up to this new podcasting App called Wisdom. I appeared to be another podcasting site designed for hosts to interview guests. After receiving an email inviting me to access it, personalise it and ultimately record a short introductory clip, I duly obliged. Logging on I quickly noticed the layout was […]

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