The Angel and the Swan part. 1

To dream to hope, to have aspirations and desires. To have a desire to better your standing, position your life experience. Upon the porch I sit in my favourite chair, worn by the countless times my body has moulded itself to it’s frame and hear the familiar creak of the timbers underneath. You stare with […]

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With Joe Fletcher & Harry Derbitsky on Mental health, Addiction & Spirituality

In my longest and MOST important interview to date, I talked with Harry (Harold) and Joe of ACT Training INC & MENTAL HEALTH TRANSFORMATIONS Group to talk about the impact Spiritual psychology and Spiritual awakenings have had on mental health and addiction sufferers. Their work has three key themes: (a) the amazing healing its members […]

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Words upon the wind

The words, they flow and float upon the wind. Where they go I know not, but how I long to be as those words and be carried off by that wind unto destinations unknown. For it is surely a magical place that they disappear too, a place of no beginning nor no end, out of […]

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Ah, quick and painful catalyst, how you enter my life and draw daggers about me causing me to bleed in a thousand places Your touch, how it stings and singes, burns my endings and causes me to be drawn back into myself. You offer me the kiss of metaphysical death, you rain blow after blow […]

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Love is the answer

**inspired by the tagline ~ Love is the answer ~ for Amber @ Dios-Raw ❤️** If love is the answer, then what is the question? The question is, what is the answer to EVERYTHING?? A simple question with a simple answer. But within that simple question and within that simple answer lies the universe. To […]

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