Wisdom is 1

Wisdom Audio is one year old! Starting on 7th October 12am EST / 5am BST until 11:59am EST / 4:59am BST. A twenty-four hour event of mentors and speakers will be giving their insights and thoughts on how Wisdom had changed their lives and the value of the community that had built up within it. […]

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Join the Wisdom LOVE WAVE

A number of hosts on Wisdom will be holding a 24 HR event dubbed The LOVEWAVE.🌊🌊Virtual LOVE ♥️♥️WAVE.🌊🌊 This runs from 7pm ET this Sunday 7/8 until 7pm 8/8. Each host will be responsible for a one or two hour time slot and a number of other wisdom hosts have agreed to come on as […]

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Wisdom talk # 4

https://join.wisdom.audio/zfhv This is what I have been drawn to lately. This is very fresh, immediate, interactive and there’s a real sense of community here. Do your own talk, listen in to others talking, request a great spot on a talk or invite others to your own talk. Follow those you like and if you miss […]

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