Wisdom on a saturday morn

So I couldn’t sleep on Saturday morning, the noise of heavy traffic outside my window at 6am was infuriating. I cursed the system that we live within where we are caught in the grind ever more increasingly and people are working longer than ever to make a wage. So it was with some small amount […]

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Psychics and psychic scams

This post is a non-comprehensive guide on Psychics and Psychic scams. As an intuitive who has practiced this sort of work, or ability, I am aware of how this ability is preformed and what you should look out for when approaching someone for an Psychic or Intuitive reading. I’ll mention three good resources that you […]

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The Quest For Holy Water

Join me on a quest to find Holy Water. What makes water holy? Is it divine intervention? Does water have to be blessed by a so called holy person. Does the location of water make it Holy? What does ‘Holy water’ actually do? Does it absolve you of sin? Does it have the power to […]

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With Jim McCarty – Ra contact scribe, Q’uo channeler and L/L Research president

For over 50 years the team of L/L Research has been providing channeling information on spiritual evolution by members of The Confederation of Planets in Service to The One Infinite Creator freely. Additionally, they have also created a site and forum for spiritual seekers to come together and freely share their stories and find others […]

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What if I told you that consciousness is cemented and built like bricks, and for every level, a pattern is applied to create stability in awareness? Breathe in, sit back and enjoy the long read, for you are about to witness the epitome of the divine body of thoughts. Placebo intelligence measures and holds the […]


With Brenda Hershey

Brenda Hershey is an author, researcher, international humanitarian and the President & Founder of TRY (Trauma Recovery Yoga also known as Total Resilience Yoga) Global, an international non-profit organization using neuroscience and yoga to create healing worldwide. Currently residing in Iraqi-Kurdistan, Brenda’s purpose is to help people (re)connect mind, body and spirit. In this interview […]

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Following up on my previous articles, today I intend to lighten up for the reader by relieving the analytical tension contained within my narratives. Therefore, relax, take a deep breath and follow this infinite loop of awareness.The secret loop is an intelligence that isn’t only intriguing but also a perplexity that inspired the book itself […]



And the LORD God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live forever Genesis:3:22 In the knowing of good and evil, you negate the necessity of being guided […]