The Angel and the Swan part. 1

To dream to hope, to have aspirations and desires. To have a desire to better your standing, position your life experience. Upon the porch I sit in my favourite chair, worn by the countless times my body has moulded itself to it’s frame and hear the familiar creak of the timbers underneath. You stare with […]

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Q’uotes #20

The Father, my friends, made the creation. We are that creation. We are the Father. We are all one. It is impossible to be anything else. No matter where you are, what you think or what you do, this fact remains, that you and all of your brothers and sisters throughout all of this infinite […]

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Q’uotes #19

We are not saying that each must have the sex life; we are saying that each must feel good about having a sex life, whether one is, or is not in a relationship at the time. One must feel not only tolerant but good when one thinks of one’s passion and sexuality, for the passion […]

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Catalyst and Karma pt.1 video

What is Catalyst and what is Karma? Understanding what these two spiritual forces really are, the symbiotic relationship between the two, what role they play in everyday life and how we should utilize them for our spiritual development and highest good! Part 1 deals with the nature of Catalyst. This, and all other podcast episodes […]

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To have or to have not Wisdom

So I joined or signed up to this new podcasting App called Wisdom. I appeared to be another podcasting site designed for hosts to interview guests. After receiving an email inviting me to access it, personalise it and ultimately record a short introductory clip, I duly obliged. Logging on I quickly noticed the layout was […]

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Thoughts on modern life

Recently I was driving on a busy motorway that had traffic backed up trying to exit at the junction. In the noise of car engines, smell of car exhausts and general feelings that accompany such a situation; I noticed a bird in the nearby trees going about its business, perfectly in harmony with nature and […]

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With Joe Fletcher & Harry Derbitsky on Mental health, Addiction & Spirituality

In my longest and MOST important interview to date, I talked with Harry (Harold) and Joe of ACT Training INC & MENTAL HEALTH TRANSFORMATIONS Group to talk about the impact Spiritual psychology and Spiritual awakenings have had on mental health and addiction sufferers. Their work has three key themes: (a) the amazing healing its members […]

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Q’uotes #17

It is the hope and the intention of the soul before entering into the valley of the shadow that within those shadows, paradoxes and mysteries of life as experienced upon your planet, there will be that moment of remembrance of why this sacrifice was undertaken. And it is hoped that that moment of remembrance may […]

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