The Two Arms Parable

Imagine all your life, that the society you lived amidst had either a left or right arm to use. Without ever knowing anything else, it was considered normal…. But imagine discovering one day, upon awakening, that you had in fact two arms to use. What an amazing discovery. Now you could have the use of […]

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The Tapestry Of Life 21/10/20

The tapestry of life friends is one in which you in your group weave in and out of each others life threads. This this is no accident, that you all have met and formed a huddle in this group of spirit; is borne of a love that transcends this physical environment that you now inhabit. […]

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future events

This is just a short post to let those who follow this blog and anyone else interested in what to expect going forward with this blog. I Started this blog on the advice of a few friends/ peers of mine. I’m not one for seeking attention or fame, so it was with reluctance this I […]

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The Descent

One can compare ones spiritual journey to that of a plane flight. High above the clouds, cruising in the rarified atmosphere, one may look out of the window and survey the scene that lays before them. The perfect blueness of the never-ending sky above, meets the delicate, virgin-white wisps of cloud, which then thicken, accumulate […]

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A prayer before dying

As I lay here in what will be my deathbed, the lifeforce swiftly ebbing from my frail and broken body; I reminisce on times gone by. My eyes heavy as lead, I longer have the energy to open them, I hear voices, voices of familiar people, family members gathered to watch these old bones draw […]

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Touching Divinity

We say sorry to whom we do not know because there is no light, all is dark. We bump into each other, knocking each other over, frequently causing pain. We lash out and paw the empty air because we are blind to one another. This state of confusion causes much anguish between one another, we […]

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Remembering Jesus the Christ

In memory of Jesus the Christ. Perhaps the greatest spiritualist in the history of the human experience.He who came to show us the way, that the way to the father, to the creator lies within, not without. He who was imbued with Christ consciousness so that humanity may achieve a new and true covenant with […]

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