A Prayer before dying part.2

Please read part 1 first The noise of commotion draws me from my sleepless dream, and I hear quiet sobs and tears from the little ones gathered near death bed. Older voices coo and hush and try to bring comfort and reassurance to these little chicks. Oh, my sweet ones, I have not yet left […]

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A statement of intent

This prayer comes from the heart, for when we operate from our heart centres, words flow easily.  A prayer is a way of asking for something, for something to manifest in the physical world, but when we offer a prayer from the heart we are asking with love… Love is the only constant in the […]

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Rising Above Earthly Desires – Light of Astrology & Mystical Seeking

https://lightofastrology.wordpress.com/2015/08/04/rising-above-earthly-desires/ Lord, many times we aspire towards you and desire spiritual and divine things.  But even though our intentions may be good, we nevertheless fall back towards our old tendencies and desires.But please don’t judge us too harshly, Lord. You are infinite love, goodness, and compassion.  You do not need to judge us because that […]

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A Prayer 20/05/21

In guiding light, higher purpose and Providence we put our trust.May those who guide, nurture and watch over be near evermore. We who live a life in the will and the  faith of spirit and our creator.Guide us.We whose honour / duty it is to offer healing to our fellow compatriots.Use us.We who set the […]

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A Healing Prayer

In the name of Divinity we humbly offer this prayer. To all guides and Angels, all higher powers, onto the creator itself, hear us! In a divided world with strife & turmoil, ravaged by an invisible enemy,The presence of your divine light is needed more than ever.Send forth your healing energy that it may becalm […]

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A festive blessing

Wherever you are or whatever you’re doing this festive period. May blessings be upon you and yours.May your life be filled with light.May the joy of the spirit enrich the fibres of your being.May your days be filled with wonder and your nights filled with magic. May you know warmth and comfort at this time.May […]

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The Descent

One can compare ones spiritual journey to that of a plane flight. High above the clouds, cruising in the rarified atmosphere, one may look out of the window and survey the scene that lays before them. The perfect blueness of the never-ending sky above, meets the delicate, virgin-white wisps of cloud, which then thicken, accumulate […]

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A prayer before dying

As I lay here in what will be my deathbed, the lifeforce swiftly ebbing from my frail and broken body; I reminisce on times gone by. My eyes heavy as lead, I longer have the energy to open them, I hear voices, voices of familiar people, family members gathered to watch these old bones draw […]

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