Following up on my previous articles, today I intend to lighten up for the reader by relieving the analytical tension contained within my narratives. Therefore, relax, take a deep breath and follow this infinite loop of awareness.The secret loop is an intelligence that isn’t only intriguing but also a perplexity that inspired the book itself […]


Exclusive Interview

In a coup for the The Spirt Channel, I’ve got an interview confirmation from one Jim McCarty. Jim is the last surviving member of, and current president of L/L Research, home of The Law Of One or The Ra Contact and the Q’uo challenging’s. Apparently they thought enough of my work that they agreed to […]

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Catalyst and Karma pt.1 video

What is Catalyst and what is Karma? Understanding what these two spiritual forces really are, the symbiotic relationship between the two, what role they play in everyday life and how we should utilize them for our spiritual development and highest good! Part 1 deals with the nature of Catalyst. This, and all other podcast episodes […]

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With Phillip Mountrose – The Loving Power of Your Soul

Phillip (along with his wife Jane) are the creators of the Awakenings Institute, a non-profit, non-denominational church for the spiritually minded that offers a heart centered approach for living. They offer online gatherings, training courses and certifications, personal sessions and coaching offer a ordination and university degree programs. They also have many publications via various […]

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Wisdom talk # 4 This is what I have been drawn to lately. This is very fresh, immediate, interactive and there’s a real sense of community here. Do your own talk, listen in to others talking, request a great spot on a talk or invite others to your own talk. Follow those you like and if you miss […]

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With Jodielynn Craven – Attracting money through Consciousness

Jodielynn helps entrepreneurs Attract Money ususing techniques she has developed such as the Fluid Money BluePrint ™ and Abundance Consciousness ™. I talked with Jodielynn about her background in the financial industry, learning about finance from scratch and eventually building a successful brokerage and helping 100’s of clients. From this she studied countless books on […]

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