Podcast 15 – Catalyst & Karma Pt.2

What is Catalyst and what is Karma? Understanding what these two spiritual forces really are, the symbiotic relationship between the two, what role they play in everyday life and how we should utilize them for our spiritual development and highest good! Part 2 deals with the Karma and how it intertwined with Catalyst. Also discussed […]

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Podcast 13 – A Spiritual Awakening viewed from the other Side of the fence

Are you the partner, friend, family member, love interest or spouse who is or has watched on as the person you care about undergoes or has undergone a spiritual awakening? Then hopefully this episode should interest you. A spiritual awakening happening to a person you care about can be confusing, worrisome, alarming and even threatening […]

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Podcast 12 – Healing

This Podcast discusses how important Spiritual Healing is to not only the individual, but to society and the world at large. Healing and Spiritual Healing Mediums have traditionally taken a back seat to those who perform Mental Mediumship (Spirit communication). But in this episode, I hope to tell and explain how Spiritual Healing (combined with […]

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Podcast 10

The role Faith and Will play in the spiritual seeker and everyday life This podcast discusses and contemplates the roles that Faith & Will play within spiritual development. We tend to disregard faith and will especially when undergoing a spiritual awakening or spiritual development, but these two concepts play a massive role within the spiritual […]

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Podcast #9

New Podcast ‘Sitting In The Power Or Your Own Soul Energy‘ created. Developing your spiritual abilities.. Listen on Google podcasts Listen on Apple ITunes Listen on Breaker Or anchor.fm

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In a big step for me, I’ve decided to move into podcasting. Anyone who follows this site, will know that there are very, very few details about myself recorded on this blog. So revealing a large part of myself through the medium (excuse the pun) of podcasting is big for me. In writing posts I […]

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