Podcast #28

Available on the Pocketcast app in the home menu and all major podcast sites * * * * * * * * * . ** Just a quick reminder that all my previous podcasts are in the process of being uploaded to my Youtube channel. For anyone who prefers this (cough) medium, theres some visuals […]

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Podcast #27

The-spiritual-value-of-Stillness-and-Silence Two very important commodities missing in our modern life. Two valuable tools often overlooked in the spiritual seekers path. We are bombarded with noise, frequencies and are ever moving, that we have largely forgotten how to stay still and listen to silence. Doing this allows us to reconnect with our inner selves and those […]

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Quick update; Fixed two podcasts episodes both had repeated segments that have now been replaced with the missing / proper audio. The episodes are: A spiritual awakening viewed from the other side of the fence and How amazing you are and the special time you live in. Have a big section of Glamour the discrepancies […]

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