Helen’s Tower, Newtownards

On the day of my interview with Dr.T, I was taking a walk in nature and not only snapped some lovely pictures, but was ruminanting on Dr.T and a eurkea moment hit me about how this planetary shift was unfolding and would further unfold. So I captured my thoughts in the video below. This was […]

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Touring 4th May Antrim Town

There was only one worthwhile photo from the day of 3rd which is why it’s included here. All other photos are from Antrim Town, Co Antrim along the shore Of Lough Neagh. Antrim town from the Gaelic Aontroim meaning Lone Ridge, is noted for its Castle and Gardens and historical landmarks. I choose to talk […]

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Benburb, Dungannon 3nd May

Stayed here on the 2nd May. See my previous post below. Spent the next morning exploring more of this area. Benburb Priory is home to the Servite community. It is open to the public to explore, visit the library and chapels or to stay in. The grounds also contain a historical castle, coffee shop and […]

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Thoughts on modern life

Recently I was driving on a busy motorway that had traffic backed up trying to exit at the junction. In the noise of car engines, smell of car exhausts and general feelings that accompany such a situation; I noticed a bird in the nearby trees going about its business, perfectly in harmony with nature and […]

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