upcoming Interview livestreams

Ahead of wednesday’s scheduled interview release wih Channeler Vince Kramer, I’ve decided to do something different with these inteviews. I’m Livestreaming to YouTube with this interview and prehaps the rest depending on how it goes. So if you want to watch and join live, simply click on the pciture above, it goes live at 4:30PM […]

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Podcast #27

The-spiritual-value-of-Stillness-and-Silence Two very important commodities missing in our modern life. Two valuable tools often overlooked in the spiritual seekers path. We are bombarded with noise, frequencies and are ever moving, that we have largely forgotten how to stay still and listen to silence. Doing this allows us to reconnect with our inner selves and those […]

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A strange symbol

Looking for some thoughts on what this symbol represents. I was preforming what’s known as a Destiny/ Soul Retrieval in a meditation and brought this and other symbols back with me. This is the only one I can remember. Its related to a healing ability. A Destiny/ Soul Retrieval is usually preformed by a trained […]

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Q’uotes #8

In the meditative state, when you have been able to relax your mind completely and let all cares and worries fall by the wayside for the moment, this is a process which can lead to your experience of the unity of yourself with the Creator, which always exists, my friends, at all times. What you […]

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