Join the Wisdom LOVE WAVE

A number of hosts on Wisdom will be holding a 24 HR event dubbed The LOVEWAVE.🌊🌊Virtual LOVE ♥️♥️WAVE.🌊🌊 This runs from 7pm ET this Sunday 7/8 until 7pm 8/8. Each host will be responsible for a one or two hour time slot and a number of other wisdom hosts have agreed to come on as […]

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Love is a ripple

Love is a pebble cast into the waters of the heart. It disturbs that unchanging silence that lives there. It’s upsets the stillness that is to be observed when one gazes upon the surface of the water. It distorts and rents the smooth, linear unity that defines a timeless body of water that remains unaffected […]

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Frequency changes, Joy & Love

‘Change your frequency, change your vibration’.. Advice for today from those who guide us.  This was when I was just awakening around 8am today. To elaborate this means the frequency of your thought patterns. If you can imagine joy and love coming to you, on its way to you, being streamed to you if you […]

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On Angels wings

I wa a star, an angel who descended to Earth. I shared with you my inner-ness, my soul, my light-love from the divinity. I gave this to you in innocence, niavey one might say. Unaware was I humans upon the earth could not see, could not feel, did not have that connection with the Divine. […]

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Seeking #12 17/10/21

You’ve already got the key, the greatest tool for spiritual growth and advancement. It is called love. Seek to understand love in its countless expressions, find different ways to know and manifest love.  This love is the map through the maze of life. Many other ways, other techniques and practices will bring seekers so far […]

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A statement of intent

This prayer comes from the heart, for when we operate from our heart centres, words flow easily.  A prayer is a way of asking for something, for something to manifest in the physical world, but when we offer a prayer from the heart we are asking with love… Love is the only constant in the […]

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