Q’uotes #23

Realize that all relationships within the density that you now enjoy, with very few exceptions, go through difficult times. Not just once but cyclical. Do not be afraid of these times, but rather gaze at what unites the two rather than what separates you, one from the other. Do this for the love of your […]

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Q’uotes #22

There is nothing in your culture which assures you that all is well and that all will be well. Yet that is the discovery that each makes for himself as he wakes up from the planetary dream and discovers that it is a much larger universe, and a much different one, than your culture may […]

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Q’uotes #23

The seeker cannot know what he seeks, for that which is named, is not worthy seeking. And when it comes, it is a surprise. And yet they which must be, and must be just as it is. Hatton 15th July 1987

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Q’uotes #21

Thus we see protection being very simple. Give thanksgiving for each moment. See the self and the other-self as Creator. Open the heart. Always know the light and praise it. This is all the protection necessary. Ra 32.1

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Q’uotes #20

The Father, my friends, made the creation. We are that creation. We are the Father. We are all one. It is impossible to be anything else. No matter where you are, what you think or what you do, this fact remains, that you and all of your brothers and sisters throughout all of this infinite […]

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Q’uotes #19

We are not saying that each must have the sex life; we are saying that each must feel good about having a sex life, whether one is, or is not in a relationship at the time. One must feel not only tolerant but good when one thinks of one’s passion and sexuality, for the passion […]

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Q’uotes # 18

It is the love with which you do things that radiates; it is not the things that you do. Among your peoples this has been much misunderstood, for people look to see if there is some service that can be their spiritual gift to the world..Yet these things are forever secondary to the primary mission […]

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Q’uotes #17

It is the hope and the intention of the soul before entering into the valley of the shadow that within those shadows, paradoxes and mysteries of life as experienced upon your planet, there will be that moment of remembrance of why this sacrifice was undertaken. And it is hoped that that moment of remembrance may […]

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Q’uotes #18

As you go through your daily existence, therefore, we suggest to you, when it may serve you to do so, that you contemplate that which is called water. Water, my friends, is the humblest and the weakest of all substances. It abides in the lowest places. It constantly seeks a level. It is ashamed to […]

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