As it is now, so won’t it be.

These past seven months have been very difficult and life has proceeded at a glacial pace. Time slows to a grinding halt and you look to each hour, day and week for some sign of progress that your own life will kick-start into great again. Like some bygone western pioneer, who scans the horizon each day […]

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The potter and the wheel

The potter sits upon the stool facing the table. In the centre, on the turntable sits a sterile mound of clay before her, shapeless, formless, lifeless. A deathly silence pervades the room. Barefooted, virgin while sleeves layered back upon themselves, she begins her craft. Heel, toe rest lightly upon the metal wheel, finding her grip, […]

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28/02/21 – signs & Portents

I’m trying to get back, back to where I was before all of this, this life……I can feel it, sense it, just out of reach, just beyond my memories, it’s like amnesia… This illusion of a physical life. They’re trying to get us to remember, that this life is not the truth.. it’s nothing in […]

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