Podcast 11 – Healing

This Podcast discusses how important Spiritual Healing is to not only the individual, but to society and the world at large. Healing and Spiritual Healing Mediums have traditionally taken a back seat to those who perform Mental Mediumship (Spirit communication). But in this episode, I hope to tell and explain how Spiritual Healing (combined with […]

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A Prayer 20/05/21

In guiding light, higher purpose and Providence we put our trust.May those who guide, nurture and watch over be near evermore. We who live a life in the will and the  faith of spirit and our creator.Guide us.We whose honour / duty it is to offer healing to our fellow compatriots.Use us.We who set the […]

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A Healing Prayer

In the name of Divinity we humbly offer this prayer. To all guides and Angels, all higher powers, onto the creator itself, hear us! In a divided world with strife & turmoil, ravaged by an invisible enemy,The presence of your divine light is needed more than ever.Send forth your healing energy that it may becalm […]

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Healing & Change

As the sun rises over the horizon, it’s golden rays spreading light over the land.As the cock crows signalling the birth of a new day, so to do we arise from our slumbers and greet the dawn with gratitude to have witnessed it yet again.We stretch, we yawn, we prepare for the day ahead.We healers […]

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I was hijacked/ carjacked recently. My original intention was to include in this post all of the details of what happened at the time of the hijacking and the weeks after. But it was far, far too long as the hijacking was a small part of what was to be a very gruelling few weeks […]

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