The Podcast in 2022

Too often we our own biggest critic and don’t give ourselves enough credit for the good things we do or accomplish. So I’m talking time to celebrate my humble little podcast, celebrate something I’ve accomplished in my life that I can be proud of. So here’s my own little podcasts stats!! When I decided to […]

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As it is now, so won’t it be.

These past seven months have been very difficult and life has proceeded at a glacial pace. Time slows to a grinding halt and you look to each hour, day and week for some sign of progress that your own life will kick-start into great again. Like some bygone western pioneer, who scans the horizon each day […]

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Bedshaped Musings…

So I sent my friend a video that is (was) reflective of my current circumstances ( see my post Endings and Rebirths ). Thankfully this experience and time in my life has a light at the end of the tunnel and I will talk about what has befallen me. I loved the response as it’s […]

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In the chronology of previous posts, this should vividly initiate the vision ahead and the understanding that it isn’t all about cluttering the mind with information, worshipping a certain power or relentless seeking freedom—rather studying and accepting the times. It has taken a universe’s lifetime for your mind to cross by this article at the […]