In the chronology of previous posts, this should vividly initiate the vision ahead and the understanding that it isn’t all about cluttering the mind with information, worshipping a certain power or relentless seeking freedom—rather studying and accepting the times. It has taken a universe’s lifetime for your mind to cross by this article at the […]



All leadership comes from God and it’s artistically tailored to satisfy the grandest vision, and in memory of Queen Elizabeth II, this article appreciates the bravery she has displayed in upholding God’s image. The feminine intelligence gives power to both the love and hate concepts of consciousness used in building a reality. These are the […]


Finding the face of god pt.3

And so I go, onto the last part of my routine, my ritual. Seeking solitude away from the peels of warm laughter that echo through the air. Away from the chatter and good natured jests that are hurled back and forth like a ball on a swing. Away from the eddy’s that cause the water […]

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Rising Above Earthly Desires – Light of Astrology & Mystical Seeking

https://lightofastrology.wordpress.com/2015/08/04/rising-above-earthly-desires/ Lord, many times we aspire towards you and desire spiritual and divine things.  But even though our intentions may be good, we nevertheless fall back towards our old tendencies and desires.But please don’t judge us too harshly, Lord. You are infinite love, goodness, and compassion.  You do not need to judge us because that […]

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Seeking 10 14/02/20

Know me as you know yourself. For I am as you, always and ever by your side. I thought maybe that this was to be the start of another channelled commication, but it ended there. As it ended, there I thought it was pretty fruitless. Looking at it again, I begin to wonder. I think […]

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The Many Paths

All paths lead back to the one, though they are many and varied. Alike to a multiplicity of tributaries, on a great body of water, flowing ever backward to the source. It matters not which path that one chooses to trod, it matters not how long it’s takes an entity to traverse that path. Ultimately […]

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