Rising Above Earthly Desires – Light of Astrology & Mystical Seeking

https://lightofastrology.wordpress.com/2015/08/04/rising-above-earthly-desires/ Lord, many times we aspire towards you and desire spiritual and divine things.  But even though our intentions may be good, we nevertheless fall back towards our old tendencies and desires.But please don’t judge us too harshly, Lord. You are infinite love, goodness, and compassion.  You do not need to judge us because that […]

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Podcast 15 – Catalyst & Karma Pt.2

What is Catalyst and what is Karma? Understanding what these two spiritual forces really are, the symbiotic relationship between the two, what role they play in everyday life and how we should utilize them for our spiritual development and highest good! Part 2 deals with the Karma and how it intertwined with Catalyst. Also discussed […]

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Self Love And Forgiveness

The greatest act of love & the greatest act of forgiveness is when you can look in the mirror and forgive and love those shortcomings, those apparent flaws of the self and realise that in the eyes of the creator, you are perfect, you are exactly where and how you need to be. You are […]

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