This talk hopes to honour the memory of my father-in-law who ‘died’ less than 24 hours before this talk / post .Despite knowing everything I know about death, transitioning and the ‘afterlife’, not having someone around in the Physical, who you were extremely close too, is very emotionally challenging… You are loved…

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The Gloaming

And so I cast my gaze upon the frozen icy land, and I ponder this unchanging landscape that I behold. The land before and behind me enveloped in a thick veil of gloom. It feels, as I travel and step deeper within the gloom that my sense of self is lost behind me that dots […]

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A Prayer before dying part.2

Please read part 1 first The noise of commotion draws me from my sleepless dream, and I hear quiet sobs and tears from the little ones gathered near death bed. Older voices coo and hush and try to bring comfort and reassurance to these little chicks. Oh, my sweet ones, I have not yet left […]

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A prayer before dying

As I lay here in what will be my deathbed, the lifeforce swiftly ebbing from my frail and broken body; I reminisce on times gone by. My eyes heavy as lead, I longer have the energy to open them, I hear voices, voices of familiar people, family members gathered to watch these old bones draw […]

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