A mediation 18/08/21

To get a glimpse into infinity into the infinite, to sit very briefly in its place and to have that insight, that momentary state of unified Consciousness where realization dawns that you are both you, and you are both infinity, the divine itself. You created all of this, creation, to experience it, all of it […]

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A Meditative Experience 27/07/21

Self actualization.Self realization.To see beyond the physical shell you now occupy.To perceive and recognize your cosmic nature.To understand how perfect you actually are. Light filled, vast, magnificent, wondrous, opulent, godlike. To be in harmony with all things, to recognize that all things are equal and one.The lower self and the higher self are in balance.Surrounded […]

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Seeking 8 22/01/20

Many of you in your illusion believe that self flagellation is the way to the creator, that the creator can be found by a series of self punishments. By excising all unwanted thought and emotion from one’s being that one may become a ‘good person’ and thereby please the creator.. Friends, we are here to […]

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