The Tapestry Of Life 21/10/20

The tapestry of life friends is one in which you in your group weave in and out of each others life threads. This this is no accident, that you all have met and formed a huddle in this group of spirit; is borne of a love that transcends this physical environment that you now inhabit. […]

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Seeking 10 14/02/20

Know me as you know yourself. For I am as you, always and ever by your side. I thought maybe that this was to be the start of another channelled commication, but it ended there. As it ended, there I thought it was pretty fruitless. Looking at it again, I begin to wonder. I think […]

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Twin Peaks & Me Part 2

If you haven’t already, please read part one of this post first. The limited series of Twin Peaks had far more in common with the with The Twin Peaks movie: Fire Walk With Me then it did with the original television series, in that it was very bleak, unsettling, full of unexplained events and left […]

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Seeking 7 19/11/19

We know that many of you on the planet at this time, have some dissatisfaction at this time in your daily lives, at your lot in life shall we say. That every morning, many of you have a loathing for arising to complete your daily chores, that you feel stuck in a cycle of repetition. […]

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Seeking 6 10/11/19

What have you done today? How have you ulitilized your time today? Was any of it spent in contemplation or meditation of your origins? Of the creator of all? How many hours or even minutes have your thought processes been turned toward contemplation of the creator? If what we are here to do in this […]

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Soul Seeking

I am not this person who was named at birth. I do not belong with the people in this country. I do not belong in this skin that I can see & touch. I am not my ethnic race. I do not truly feel that I am a male or female. I do not truly […]

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Seeking 4

What is the purpose of the seeking What are you seeking? Why are you seeking? You are seeking that which has been forgotten. You are seeking your forgotten memories. you are seeking that which was known to you in spirit. This is why you seek. For when you seek that which was forgotten will surely […]

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A Seeking conversation

You don’t have to ‘get‘ anywhere or ‘do‘ anything, you simply have to ‘be‘. To exist, to sit still and relax and drink in life as it appears around you. Take in & contemplate the sunshine, the blue sky, the wind or breeze on your face. The sound of birds and bees. Contemplate nature itself, […]

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