With Jennifer Passavant

Jennifer Passavant Jennifer Passavant is an Intuitive Life Coach energy healer and Energy healing practitioner. She’s also a channeler of a Seraph angel who identified itself as Ian & Ascended Master Quan Yin, the Goddess of Compassion. Jennifer also cares for students with severe physical and cognitive impairments. Her work and practices are heavily influenced […]

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With Jim McCarty – Ra contact scribe, Q’uo channeler and L/L Research president

For over 50 years the team of L/L Research has been providing channeling information on spiritual evolution by members of The Confederation of Planets in Service to The One Infinite Creator freely. Additionally, they have also created a site and forum for spiritual seekers to come together and freely share their stories and find others […]

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Q’uotes #23

Realize that all relationships within the density that you now enjoy, with very few exceptions, go through difficult times. Not just once but cyclical. Do not be afraid of these times, but rather gaze at what unites the two rather than what separates you, one from the other. Do this for the love of your […]

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With Jodielynn Craven – Attracting money through Consciousness

Jodielynn helps entrepreneurs Attract Money ususing techniques she has developed such as the Fluid Money BluePrint ™ and Abundance Consciousness ™. I talked with Jodielynn about her background in the financial industry, learning about finance from scratch and eventually building a successful brokerage and helping 100’s of clients. From this she studied countless books on […]

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Experiments in Trance Channeling.

Ahead of my recorded interview With Channeller of the Round Table energies Vince Kramer, I’m releasing this. From the Blurb: Channeling is an American term that describes the allowing of higher dimensional (see vibration or density) entities to telepathically project thoughts into your mind which the channeler in a type of meditative state repeats. In […]

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Q’uotes #18

As you go through your daily existence, therefore, we suggest to you, when it may serve you to do so, that you contemplate that which is called water. Water, my friends, is the humblest and the weakest of all substances. It abides in the lowest places. It constantly seeks a level. It is ashamed to […]

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Seeking #12 17/10/21

You’ve already got the key, the greatest tool for spiritual growth and advancement. It is called love. Seek to understand love in its countless expressions, find different ways to know and manifest love.  This love is the map through the maze of life. Many other ways, other techniques and practices will bring seekers so far […]

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Messages between the veil

I just thought I’d share this with you all. It’s a snippet of an email conversion I had with the team at llreasearch.org. This is the team responsible for the channeling of the messages from the Confederation of Planets in the service of the One Infinite Creator for past fifty years I had been attempting […]

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Q’uotes #10

As you gaze upon this age which many find full of lies and therefore evil, look upon the essences of people, relationships and the stewardship of that which is seemingly evil, money, and find within yourself the positive truth-affirming, life-affirming characteristics and attributes of people, relationships and stewardship which can be brought to bear upon […]

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