When you land

So a dear friend just told me that they’ve had a secret blog or domain for a few years and I was honoured they shared it with me as not few people still know about it. So naturally I browsed it and read the two posts to date that they’ve written for it and I […]

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Quick update; Fixed two podcasts episodes both had repeated segments that have now been replaced with the missing / proper audio. The episodes are: A spiritual awakening viewed from the other side of the fence and How amazing you are and the special time you live in. Have a big section of Glamour the discrepancies […]

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Blog Update

Made a few changes to the blog menu. Added a search widget so that you can now search for a word or post Added another category titled The Seven Densities Of Consciousness which contain posts on this series, this label may change if I create more posts on the Law Of One Material. Made the […]

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In a big step for me, I’ve decided to move into podcasting. Anyone who follows this site, will know that there are very, very few details about myself recorded on this blog. So revealing a large part of myself through the medium (excuse the pun) of podcasting is big for me. In writing posts I […]

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