Hopefully will be creating more Pins like this.I haven’t already as they are very time consuming using Adobe Photoshop. But in addition to posting any created original Pins here, my Pinterest site in available in the main menu.. – TheZenith

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Q’uotes #1

It is the heart, the ability to love without condition all those about you and all things about you which is the path to the fourth density of love and understanding.This graduation into this higher realm, or vibrational nature of reality, is the purpose of each incarnation that is being played out at this time […]

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The clock is ticking…

The time of the harvest approaches, when it will be necessary to separate the wheat from the shaff…. Which are you, wheat or shaff ? You’ve only got until the end of this lifetime as the great cycle turns and the ‘soil’ of this earth no longer supports the ‘crops’ it once did… Start looking […]

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