Q’uotes #13

And we say to each that the main service of each of you is the service of being yourself. For when you are most truly and deeply yourself, when your heart is open and vibrating in its fullness, you become a crystal capable of receiving energy, transmuting energy and releasing energy into the Earth’s sphere. […]

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If you were to understand your sovereignty, you would bow down to no man. You would bow down to no queen, worship no king. You would idolise no movie star, sports person or revere any so called star. No politician would command your respect, no person of influence would have your ear! No person of […]

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Hopefully will be creating more Pins like this.I haven’t already as they are very time consuming using Adobe Photoshop. But in addition to posting any created original Pins here, my Pinterest site in available in the main menu.. – TheZenith

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