Love should not be contained! Love should not be forced! Love should not be coerced! Love should be set free from the confines of one’s mind and expressed freely. When a gate to a field is opened, the animals roam free. Likewise the gates of one’s heart should be flung awide letting the love contained […]

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Seas Of Change

The tide draws in, the tide pulls away. The ebb and flow of life itself. We have our crests, our Peaks but we have times when our waves come crashing down bearing upon the ground from those lofty heights. Oh woe is me we say, I was once a mighty wave, now I’m merely a […]

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A prayer before dying

As I lay here in what will be my deathbed, the lifeforce swiftly ebbing from my frail and broken body; I reminisce on times gone by. My eyes heavy as lead, I longer have the energy to open them, I hear voices, voices of familiar people, family members gathered to watch these old bones draw […]

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Remembering Jesus the Christ

In memory of Jesus the Christ. Perhaps the greatest spiritualist in the history of the human experience.He who came to show us the way, that the way to the father, to the creator lies within, not without. He who was imbued with Christ consciousness so that humanity may achieve a new and true covenant with […]

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Powerful barefoot meditation 08/19

I’m doing a barefoot medatition. I’m standing in a field ready to meditate but sungazing first. For anyone who doesn’t know what sungazing is, read my post on the sun first. I’m trying to raise the Kundalini energy and unblock the Pineal Gland by connecting directly with the Earth. There doesn’t appear to be to […]

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