Words of Destiny 3

Put your hand on your heart, it is not made of stone. For what you are holding is almost a throne. It will be hard, if you allow it to be,But if you believe, you will be here with me. You know I am near you, although you can’t see. I will stay here beside […]

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The clock is ticking…

The time of the harvest approaches, when it will be necessary to separate the wheat from the shaff…. Which are you, wheat or shaff ? You’ve only got until the end of this lifetime as the great cycle turns and the ‘soil’ of this earth no longer supports the ‘crops’ it once did… Start looking […]

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The I AM

I AM specialI AM uniqueI AM wonderfulI AM divine I AM radiantI AM giftedI AM a light-filled Spiritual being I AM a lightworkerI AM a high priestessI AM a magicianI AM a worker of miracles I AM a creatorI AM explicably, the creatorI AM lightI AM love I AM ME Repeat this mantra every day, […]

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Words of Destiny 1

I will come to you at morning,I will come to you at night .I will come to you as sunshine I will come to you as light. And still you do not know me, Still you shy away.But before the day is over. I will never go away. For you have always known me,And you […]

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Words Of Destiny 2

So as we join together We move in harmony With the Universe around us The Sun, the Stars, the Sea. So keep your heart wide open That you can feel the Fire And the others that surround you, YOU SERVE THEM, So Inspire. And now you are awakened I can see this in your face […]

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The Soul Mates

I love you I love you I love you Unequivocally Unashamedly Unabashedly Undeniably Unforgettably Unknowingly Even when you hurt me and put me down. Even when you ignore me and pay me no heed. Even when I wonder if love for me so beats within your heart. The Candle light may flicker but it can […]

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28/02/21 – signs & Portents

I’m trying to get back, back to where I was before all of this, this life……I can feel it, sense it, just out of reach, just beyond my memories, it’s like amnesia… This illusion of a physical life. They’re trying to get us to remember, that this life is not the truth.. it’s nothing in […]

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The Message

I walk amongst you, unfettered, unchained. I stride beside you flesh agan flesh. I come from a place yonder and distant.Where life is less chaotic,More structured and free. The outward mobility no difference does it appear.But inside, inward, doth the real me draw near. Yet I take flesh, I take physical form,limiting myself for humanity,though […]

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The Ascent

The quest for spiritual growth often means that a ‘Road to Damascus’ type of journey must be undertaken. This my friends is not a physical journey and less a journey of the mind, but a journey of the spirit or soul. This type of journey, is not one in which a fast car can be […]

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