Experiments in Trance Channeling.

Ahead of my recorded interview With Channeller of the Round Table energies Vince Kramer, I’m releasing this. From the Blurb: Channeling is an American term that describes the allowing of higher dimensional (see vibration or density) entities to telepathically project thoughts into your mind which the channeler in a type of meditative state repeats. In […]

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Frequency changes, Joy & Love

‘Change your frequency, change your vibration’.. Advice for today from those who guide us.  This was when I was just awakening around 8am today. To elaborate this means the frequency of your thought patterns. If you can imagine joy and love coming to you, on its way to you, being streamed to you if you […]

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A statement of intent

This prayer comes from the heart, for when we operate from our heart centres, words flow easily.  A prayer is a way of asking for something, for something to manifest in the physical world, but when we offer a prayer from the heart we are asking with love… Love is the only constant in the […]

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A gift..

All I have to offer you is my love, imperfect as it is, flawed as it is, it is mine to offer and it is with great reverence and affection that I do offer it to you dear reader. Each beat of my heart sends out waves of love into this world for all to […]

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Ah, quick and painful catalyst, how you enter my life and draw daggers about me causing me to bleed in a thousand places Your touch, how it stings and singes, burns my endings and causes me to be drawn back into myself. You offer me the kiss of metaphysical death, you rain blow after blow […]

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