Q’uotes #18

As you go through your daily existence, therefore, we suggest to you, when it may serve you to do so, that you contemplate that which is called water. Water, my friends, is the humblest and the weakest of all substances. It abides in the lowest places. It constantly seeks a level. It is ashamed to […]

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Q’uotes #16

“As you become more mature, spiritually speaking, and more seasoned, you shall feel again and again that you have done nothing but take a step back. But this, my friends, is due to the fact that as you stand closer to the light you see every blemish, every chink in the armour of light that […]

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Q’uotes # 17

“For each, the ship upon which each finds herself is without a lodestone or rudder. But, rather, there is a sail which may be moved about by the seeker to catch the winds of spirit. Once one has been able, even for a short time, to run before the wind of spirit and to feel […]

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