What is a spiritual Awakening?

It occurred to me that although I have written many things on this blog, Spiritual Advice, my own personal spiritual outlook on experienced events and situations; and even messages commicated to me from a ‘higher’ source (see the Seeking section of my blog, I’m still working on who or what the source is). I have […]

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I was hijacked/ carjacked recently. My original intention was to include in this post all of the details of what happened at the time of the hijacking and the weeks after. But it was far, far too long as the hijacking was a small part of what was to be a very gruelling few weeks […]

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Twin Peaks & Me Part 2

If you haven’t already, please read part one of this post first. The limited series of Twin Peaks had far more in common with the with The Twin Peaks movie: Fire Walk With Me then it did with the original television series, in that it was very bleak, unsettling, full of unexplained events and left […]

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Going barefoot

When was the last time YOUR bare feet touched the ground? No I’m not talking inside your house or property. And no I’m not taking about outside your properly either. Nor am I taking about a public pool or activity centre. What I mean, is earth. The earth that we stand upon, the earth that […]

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Twin Peaks & Me Part 1

The clip that I posted was one of my, or perhaps my favourite television series, Twin Peaks. I have been fascinated by it for the past 20+ years. Long before I became spiritual. The themes and subject matter dealt within it stuck a chord with me. I often wondered how something that was fictional could […]

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