28/02/21 – signs & Portents

I’m trying to get back, back to where I was before all of this, this life……I can feel it, sense it, just out of reach, just beyond my memories, it’s like amnesia… This illusion of a physical life. They’re trying to get us to remember, that this life is not the truth.. it’s nothing in […]

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The Ra Contact, 40th anniversary.

On the 15th January, the Ra contact turned forty years old. Forty years after it was first channeled by the llresearch team. Channeling is the ability to make contact with largely non physical beings like spirits and other ‘higher’ beings or entities This is done in a state of ‘trance’ whereby the channeler goes into […]

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The Two Arms Parable

Imagine all your life, that the society you lived amidst had either a left or right arm to use. Without ever knowing anything else, it was considered normal…. But imagine discovering one day, upon awakening, that you had in fact two arms to use. What an amazing discovery. Now you could have the use of […]

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Transgenderism, body modification, 4th Density waves and the Hyperion Cantos part. 1

In this post I want to give my thoughts and opinions on the transgender phenomenon and evolving human body based upon a spiritual or non physical perspective. I plan on doing this by explaining what has been communicated to us, through various channelled entities; about the planetary shift or the incoming 4th Density ( you […]

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future events

This is just a short post to let those who follow this blog and anyone else interested in what to expect going forward with this blog. I Started this blog on the advice of a few friends/ peers of mine. I’m not one for seeking attention or fame, so it was with reluctance this I […]

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