Wisdom’s ask me a question #6

Just started to engage with Wisdom Audio again after what felt like a long absence. Part of that is answering questions put to me either other users, but more commonly people outside tyhe app posing questiong. I’m planning on posting hopefully the most interesting responses / questions. You can ask you own on the links […]

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Seeking Part.2 (video)

The second part of the first channeled message I received telepathically, Broken into three different parts for convenience. These first three channeling’s’ were the first posts in my blog / website, posted much later after I made the decision to dip my toe’s into the waters of social media, and led to everything else I […]

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This talk hopes to honour the memory of my father-in-law who ‘died’ less than 24 hours before this talk / post .Despite knowing everything I know about death, transitioning and the ‘afterlife’, not having someone around in the Physical, who you were extremely close too, is very emotionally challenging… You are loved… https://join.wisdom.audio/4rp1

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The Gloaming

And so I cast my gaze upon the frozen icy land, and I ponder this unchanging landscape that I behold. The land before and behind me enveloped in a thick veil of gloom. It feels, as I travel and step deeper within the gloom that my sense of self is lost behind me that dots […]

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As it is now, so won’t it be.

These past seven months have been very difficult and life has proceeded at a glacial pace. Time slows to a grinding halt and you look to each hour, day and week for some sign of progress that your own life will kick-start into great again. Like some bygone western pioneer, who scans the horizon each day […]

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Bedshaped Musings…

So I sent my friend a video that is (was) reflective of my current circumstances ( see my post Endings and Rebirths ). Thankfully this experience and time in my life has a light at the end of the tunnel and I will talk about what has befallen me. I loved the response as it’s […]

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