The Archetypical Mind

Looking at Ra’s concept of the Tarot, which is a way of learning of archetypes, roles shall we say that we all play at one time or another, I wonder when we look at our lives currently, what roles are we acting out now.. What transformations or evolutions are we experiencing? The hanged man reprsents […]

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The Angel and the Sawn part.3

Feeling this to be a trueness in heart I agreed to do what was required if there was to be hope not just for me but for my dear babes. “You will awaken now.” That ethereal and hauntingly beautiful sound said. “But I still didn’t understand who you are and what do you mean by […]

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Q’uotes #22

It is almost as if there was a tide of judgment in the world that wants to put out the light, that wants to make differences that judge people, that wants to make people not okay. And against that rising tide of darkness stands the candle, the frail, feeble, flickering candle of the love that […]

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The Angel and the Swan part.2

I fell into a deep cathartic sleep. Deeper and deeper did I fall within the recesses of my own mind, descending like a deep sea diver traversing unknown, watery depths, I don’t recall how far I fell or the time it took, if time even existed in this state of consciousness. At some unknown point […]

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Touring 4th May Antrim Town

There was only one worthwhile photo from the day of 3rd which is why it’s included here. All other photos are from Antrim Town, Co Antrim along the shore Of Lough Neagh. Antrim town from the Gaelic Aontroim meaning Lone Ridge, is noted for its Castle and Gardens and historical landmarks. I choose to talk […]

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The Angel and the Swan part. 1

To dream to hope, to have aspirations and desires. To have a desire to better your standing, position your life experience. Upon the porch I sit in my favourite chair, worn by the countless times my body has moulded itself to it’s frame and hear the familiar creak of the timbers underneath. You stare with […]

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The Modern Pilgrims

While I’ve been doing my own touring, I’d completely forgotten to check in on Julie from The Modern Pilgrims. I connected with Julie on Wisdom on her talk of the day and she returned the favour by being a guest on my talk. Julie, along with her husband Brad are setting off on a five […]

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Benburb, Dungannon 3nd May

Stayed here on the 2nd May. See my previous post below. Spent the next morning exploring more of this area. Benburb Priory is home to the Servite community. It is open to the public to explore, visit the library and chapels or to stay in. The grounds also contain a historical castle, coffee shop and […]

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