For those shepherded by the Bible, at your first glance at the title, you are intrigued and curious to uncover more about the daring proposal. Isn’t that the same feeling you get when you find a similar title—GOD DOESN’T EXIST? First and foremost I felt it best to introduce myself to you through this controversial […]


Join the Wisdom LOVE WAVE

A number of hosts on Wisdom will be holding a 24 HR event dybbed The .LOVEWAVE.🌊🌊Virtual LOVE ♥️♥️WAVE.🌊🌊 This runs from 7pm ET this Sunday 7/8 until 7pm 8/8. Each host will be responsible for a one or two hour time slot and a number of other wisdom hosts have agreed to come on as […]

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Day Zero and Wisdom

Yesterday was a big day for me that I’m calling day zero in the Zenith calendar. it represents both an ending and a new beginning for me, my Alpha and Omega. In Law Of One terms, Eighth Density where you merge with the timeless all that is, and the beginning of a new octave or […]

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Exclusive Interview

In a coup for the The Spirt Channel, I’ve got an interview confirmation from one Jim McCarty. Jim is the last surviving member of, and current president of L/L Research, home of The Law Of One or The Ra Contact and the Q’uo challenging’s. Apparently they thought enough of my work that they agreed to […]

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Finding the face of god pt.3

And so I go, onto the last part of my routine, my ritual. Seeking solitude away from the peels of warm laughter that echo through the air. Away from the chatter and good natured jests that are hurled back and forth like a ball on a swing. Away from the eddy’s that cause the water […]

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Shaman Alberto, an Update

After what seems like a very ling time not hearing from Shaman Alberto, He has finally made contact with me again, assuring me that both he and his family are fine. Above are some recent photo’s he has send me of Life in the Amazon Jungle and people who have come to visit him in […]

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Helen’s Tower, Newtownards

On the day of my interview with Dr.T, I was taking a walk in nature and not only snapped some lovely pictures, but was ruminanting on Dr.T and a eurkea moment hit me about how this planetary shift was unfolding and would further unfold. So I captured my thoughts in the video below. This was […]

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