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A festive blessing

Wherever you are or whatever you’re doing this festive period. May blessings be upon you and yours.May your life be filled with light.May the joy of the spirit enrich the fibres of your being.May your days be filled with wonder and your nights filled with magic. May you know warmth and comfort at this time.May […]

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Transgenderism, body modification, 4th Density waves and the Hyperion Cantos part. 1

In this post I want to give my thoughts and opinions on the transgender phenomenon and evolving human body based upon a spiritual or non physical perspective. I plan on doing this by explaining what has been communicated to us, through various channelled entities; about the planetary shift or the incoming 4th Density ( you […]

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Another Me

When I look at you I see myself reflected back through your eyes. You’re another me, another facet of me. You may look differently, dress differently, put your makeup on and wear your hair differently, you may not even be the same gender or ethnic race as me. But behind all that, there are aspects […]

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Love should not be contained! Love should not be forced! Love should not be coerced! Love should be set free from the confines of one’s mind and expressed freely. When a gate to a field is opened, the animals roam free. Likewise the gates of one’s heart should be flung awide letting the love contained […]

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A New Earth

A new Earth of openness & clarity. A new Earth of compassion & tolerance. A new Earth of community & togetherness. A new Earth of abundance & plenty. A new Earth of love & understanding. A new Earth of peace and serenity. A new Earth of spiritual seeking. Let’s be the change we wish to […]

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