Future Events June 2021

As the seasons change and the days turn, the eye and mind of The Zenith are cast once again to the ever encroaching singularity that is my life defining catalyst. Like a star orbiting a balck hole, it appears to meet the point of no return only to be thrown into orbit once again, circling […]

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Love is the answer

**inspired by the tagline ~ Love is the answer Dios-Raw** If love is the answer, then what is the question? The question is, what is the answer to EVERYTHING?? A simple question with a simple answer. But within that simple question and within that simple answer lies the universe. To fall into this answer to […]

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Podcast #9

New Podcast ‘Sitting In The Power Or Your Own Soul Energy‘ created. Developing your spiritual abilities.. Listen on Google podcasts Listen on Apple ITunes Listen on Breaker Or anchor.fm

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(un)burdened by sex

Originally posted on Windblown Wanderer:
This past week I completed my 24th cycle around the sun, and with it, I feel myself truly upon the journey of my own becoming, of my own oneness with myself. This embodies many faces, many guises, and many angles: one of them being my sexuality. I want to avoid…

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Nightmares on Wax

Great truth in this video, but you need to listen to the spoken words rather than just about the pretty imagery… Nightmares On Wax appears to be a deeply spiritual person.

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An Amazonian Shaman’s Cause

This is Carlos Alberto Palomino Berndt (or Alberto for short). Alberto is a Shaman in the Peruvian side of the Amazon Jungle. I met Alberto whilst staying in Otorongo Lodge, a camp in the Amazon jungle on a trip to Peru. We talked about shamanism, spirituality, Ayahuasca and many other thing during my time there. […]

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Who needs faith when you’ve got a direct connection to your higher self and guides in the non-physical, higher dimensions or realities of existence (or spirit for short)? All those people who attend their religious place of worship blindly listening to and ceding their power to rabbis, priests iman’s etc. People who have been appointed […]

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Words of Destiny 3

Put your hand on your heart, it is not made of stone. For what you are holding is almost a throne. It will be hard, if you allow it to be,But if you believe, you will be here with me. You know I am near you, although you can’t see. I will stay here beside […]

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The clock is ticking…

The time of the harvest approaches, when it will be necessary to separate the wheat from the shaff…. Which are you, wheat or shaff ? You’ve only got until the end of this lifetime as the great cycle turns and the ‘soil’ of this earth no longer supports the ‘crops’ it once did… Start looking […]

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