Rising sun and Wolf Moon

Today is or was the first full moon of 2022. It is called The wolf Moon. It’s a time of honouring howling wolves and werewolves. Set your intentions for the next month by the light of the full moon Fun fact: yesterday I had no idea this moon was called the Wolf Moon. Looking at […]

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The Art Of meditation

The Art Of Meditation Podcast now live on Youtube This episode continues the foundation of spiritual practices by looking at meditation. What is meditation? What do it do and what is it used for? Who can meditate? How to meditate and when. Different techniques and aids when meditating and what you may experience in meditation. […]

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The windmill

Observe the windmill Akin to a clock charting the passage of time. The turning of the blades. Each blade, a day, a week, a month a season even. Each turn, a cycle of the seasons. Reach cycle of seasons, a year. Each full revolution turn a doubling. Two years.. Four .. Eight… Thirty-two.. Fifty. One […]

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Q’uotes #15

The seeker which has purely chosen the service-to-others path shall certainly not have a variant apparent incarnational experience. There is no outward shelter in your illusion from the gusts, flurries, and blizzards of quick and cruel catalyst.However, to the pure, all that is encountered speaks of the love and the light of the One Infinite […]

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Frequency changes Joy & Love

‘Change your frequency, change your vibration’.. Advice for today from those who guide us. This was when I was just awakening around 8am today. To elaborate this means the frequency of your thought patterns. If you can imagine joy and love coming to you, on its way to you, being streamed to you if you […]

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