Astral Travelling, Mediation and the twilight state

It’s around 4:00am. I know this as my half slumber has been disturbed to the pointthat I am now conscious enough to pick up my mobile phone and discern the time. Oh well, I inwardly sigh, at least I have a few more hours before I arise and greet the day . So I turn, back to the comfort of pillow. It sags and gives way only to arise around the other areas of my head which do not put undue pressure upon it. It is a water pillow after all, this is its job. My head now cradled in the soft bosom of my water pillow, I turn my attention to the rest of my physical body.

Like a scarecrow that has taken up the art of Tai-Chi, I, with slow movements stretch my limbs into apposing angles from each other. The water bed that I inhabit adjusts and moulds itself to my bodily shape…. Still I toss and turn,. Sleep eludes me.

At 4:30 a.m. with no small amount of frustration I decide to arise from my foolhardy attempts at entering slumberland and meditate. I’m also spurred on by the theory than so called ascended Masters and various spiritual entities are most easiest to contact around the hours of 3 am to around 5 a.m. Alighting from my bedroom I, like a shuffling zombie, stagger with slited eyes to the nearby living room area.

Nestling in like a bird, I sit cross legged on my footstool (or pouffe to sound cultured), in an attempt to practise my deep trance meditation….

Interlude: An unknown period of time passes…

Once again to my frustrations, I find that even my noble attempts at doing something productive with my unseemly awake time are met with resistance. But, rather than give, up I instead just to switch to a passive, silent meditation. And that’s when the magic begins…

Slowly falling deeper within the meditative state, reaching deeper and deeper levels of brain wave activity; I find myself ascending, soaring, leaving this blue marble behind. Finding myself presently in the inky vastness of space, uninhibited by a dense chemical body, I am able to flow freely as easily as a fish traverses water.

In a timeless instant, pinpoints of light loom large within my state of reality. This is a difficult concept to convey with words as these experiences are largely felt and intuited rather than giving any verbal form. I guess it’s like having a deeper sense overlaying what we would term to be physical sight, you can ‘see‘ what beholds you, but you can ‘see‘ without sight.

I am aware and I experience and I can feel, beings orbs comprised completely of light. They understand that there are individual entities, grouping of entity’s within a larger orb and entire planets that are perfect circular spheres of light. Instinctively like some spiritual GPS, I determine the location of my soul group or SoulStream. Rejoining all of the other entities (who are identical to me) can be described as as slotting a missing brick into a wall again.

I feel much joy and reunion at rejoining my family I feel… At home. But at the same time I feel like a young sibling or curious child, eager to explore its boundaries. I vaguely remember, on receiving various answers about what I can do and where I can ‘travel. I spin and twirl and explore the the invisible highways in this light-filled reality. I barge into another soul family, and while I’m welcome, I know so that my vibration or energy signature is a little different from the energy signature of this group.

I’m also aware of this unlying unifing field that envlopes everything or everything is a part off or has access too. This must be the source of all creation I reason. I explore further out, and become aware of the darkness within the darkness, the the vibration here is not of the the love vibration, I am not welcomed here. I attempt to travel back in time in Earth’s long forgotten history, visiting, apparently uninhabited great cities of pyramidal structures. This has an ancient feel, the air feels sticker and heavier, but I can’t stay here.

Returning to this light-filled Paradise, I take stock of the countless billions and trillions, uncountable number of entities that I can sense. I feel so much love for them, and without a conscious thought, I feel billions and trillions vibrations of love come to me. It is overwhelming, overpowering inducing an almost drunk like state, drunk on the power of Love!

Within this reality I determined to seek out those entities who I have termed my elder brother and sister, Yeshua and Magdalena. I find them in less than a heartbeat.

“I have found you! “I have found you!” I think.

This reunion is a joyous occasion for me. I am ’embraced’ and held in love. They have never left ME! It was only my limiting human mind that caused me to believe that there was any sort of separation. Tears run down my face that I can feel in my physical body, even though my consciousness is elsewhere. Truly, truly trancendant.

After a period of basking in this soulful reconciliation and swirling emotion, I slowly, slowly readjust to being confined to a physical body having my consciousness retract to just limited senses. I feel healed on every level, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It’s around 5:30 am as I return to bed in a state of elevated bliss.

This wasn’t the end of my experience, in that state between true sleep and full consciousness, is the Twilight State. It was within this state that I had another, very different experience, but perhaps that is best left for another time.

For you the reader, it is up to you using your free will to determine the validity of this experience, I know what’s true for me, I share this only for those who may have had similar but not understood experiences.

For those who wish to delve futher, I suggest Q’uo on the Crystal City of Light

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