Doing nothing, is so productive

It’s been a rough few days recently, they say things happen in threes and this was certainly my experience. My car broke down the day before it was due its roadworthy test (M.O.T.) I couldn’t get any help, people kept letting me down. My toilet began to leak leaving pools of water, and then when trying to clean said water I dropped my phone into said water causing it to malfunction.

Today, after a day off seemingly doing nothing, I decided to get out of my funk and go for a walk. Short time later I realized that even this fundamental thing was not going to help me. Coming across an old railway sleeper, now turned into a bench, I eventually decided to sit and do nothing at all.

As I felt  the warm spring sun, who’s absorbed rays, helped me relax and feel more at peace,.

As I watched as they glimmered of the ripples of water in the adjacent canal.

As I listened to the soothing call of the wood pigeon and the delicate and angelic sound of the Robin call.

I close my eyes, unrepentant, feeling the combination of these natural free wonders provide a holistic healing effect. Sitting there doing absolutely nothing was the best possible thing that I could have done, and I began to feel so much better than I have in a while. I actually lay down flat upon the sleeper bench, Much to the disconcerting looks of people passing by.

I know I looked like a hobo, a homeless tramp on a park bench but I did not give two figs what other people thought. Something special was happening here, I felt at once stoned or if I had taken some Valium, I was drunk on sunshine and air. Even the heavy rumble of passing traffic could not disturb my ambience.

All this I thought without any artificial high or narcotic, no stimulants, no meditative or mindfulness practices, no excursion or physical hikes, no workouts at the gym. Nothing, actively doing nothing at all! As the sun was covered by ominous dark heavy clouds, this hobo turned over to go to rest on the fetal position as if in sleep, actively shunning the looming threat, but only lasting until it because obvious that the weather wasn’t for changing.

Staggering to my feet with legs of jelly, in true tramp fashion drunkenly making diagonal steps homeward; a biblical deluge of rain soaked and disheveled me. But I laughed through it and looked even forward to the looks my distressed appearance would give the city folk in their prim and proper apparel. Because I remembered that it’s the internal universe that matters, not the outside.

I also captured my feelings and thoughts on Wisdom if anyone wants to listen to an expansive version of this post.

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