Watch “Seasonal Change In Your Spiritual Journey” on YouTube

In this video I wanted to walk when and where weather and places can seem dull and uninspiring. Where the natural world clashes with industrialization, nothing in bloom and grey frigid skies overhead.

As nature cycles from the death of winter into the potential of spring, this video is representative of my cycle also, and all of us as, we have our own seasons.

The Constant between both nature and ourselves is our beating heart which may slumber but never truly dies. In this video I hope to speak to how the eternal summer we all wish (as in change in the world) for in both the external universe and our own internal universe is linked to the open heart beating in love.

Also on my Odysee channel if you prefer…

4 thoughts on “Watch “Seasonal Change In Your Spiritual Journey” on YouTube

  1. I really enjoyed listening to you. I could relate to so much of what you said. I agree, completely, we must spend time seeing all things for what they are – even when they are ugly, mundane, hard or unappealing. Those contrasts are so important to witness and assess. They lead us to higher knowledge, deeper appreciations and stronger emotional connections. it is difficult to go through but worth it on the other side. wish you all the luck, sending blessings and support from across the giant pond. thank you for shining your light

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    1. Thank-you so much for the beautiful and inspiring comment. Everything you said is what I tried to convey in the talk. I agree completely, it’s our stresses and traumas that give us the opportunity to dive deep inside, looking for the metaphorical pearl ah the bottom our is subconscious oceans that when retrieved give us that knowledge, clarity and wisdom to progress beyond what we are finding ourselves stuck upon or dimming or light. This can be discovered when acknowledgement, acceptance and embracing our shadow, those things as you say that seem, ‘ ugly, mundane, hard or unappealing. Instead of shunting them away, we need to honour them and give them their place as an equal partner in the light, pretty aspects that we tend only to show to society. Much love back to you and even though it’s a large physical distance that separates us, in reality, we are only a thought away from each other!

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  2. you’re very welcome 🙂 we are certainly on the same wave of thought here haha time and space are not as linear as they may seem. I love talking about the shadowed pieces of us and how we can work to offer them honest service and assistance to help guide those shadows back to their own inner light. The term light work has a parallel and accurate understanding displayed in some of the maths/sciences out there – when we start to loosen the terms and see “light” as information/knowledge/divine wisdom and the shadow as the bending or distortion of that light ray – IE: bending the truth hahaha! but seriously, I think we can really get into the deeper layers of the root causes of the original lies and un-comfortablities both within ourselves and within our societies; after we clear and untangle ourselves first, of course! what a tangled web we weave. i’ve always loved that line – and its a great reminder, visually, of what we do to ourselves when we bend our light away from those ugly places and spaces.. may we always work to realize in the moment that we are hiding or shunting them away and take responsibility at that time to do it a different way, to see truly and assess honestly – to find a harmonious solutions for ALL, not just those sides of us we like to see/show. the thing about “Service to Others*” is that the only true way to honor that statement is to know that “others” here must mean all, the Great Other, aka NO soul/being can be excluded – all pieces of this creation are valuable inputs when seeking a solution/providing the service.. if we could get everyone on board with this truth we’d have an easier time accepting those unpleasant little rough spots we all have!

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  3. What an excellent comment and speaks so much to the core of what I try to speak to also, it’s so dear to my heart. I totally agree with your last point about service to others’ meaning ALL others, whilst difficult in the face of those who reject you, are hostile towards you or perhaps not or the same outlook on life as you, it’s perhaps lessened and made easier when we try to see all others as an extension of self and all part of the one great original other or source of all things. Perhaps this format is limited for longer conversations so if you’d like to, you can reach out to me in my email in the contact page and we can continue or start anew there. No worries or if you don’t. I just happy you’re shared you’re thoughts here with me ♥️


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