Walking and talking, problems and solutions.


So quick piece of info about me. I volunteer, doing charitable work twice a week. I reach out to elderly, isolated, vulnerable people in my district and county. People who have medical or mental health conditions and people who care for family members and relatives who fit into any of the above categories. Many of these carers are elderly or have physical or mental conditions themselves.

Sometimes I’ll spend anywhere between 30-minutes up to 1-hour speaking with some of these people on the phone. Sometimes some people break down crying or are on the verge of tears due to the stresses and sorrow in their lives. You try your best to help them by offering support or alternative contact details to other organizations who may provide more relevant help.

A number of times I’ll speak with the coordinator to see if there’s something that we can do do, for example getting them a more regular phone call or perhaps a visit to help with some sort of issue like a bin collection or helping them gets a computer fixed or even attempting to find out if there’s a local community group they they may want to or could attend…

Unfortunately this is the remit with what I’m able to do or perhaps I’m suggesting things that are outside our organisations remit; as I’ve been told very empathetically by my coordinator… This does cause some frustration, but I guess it’s just because I care so much; I’m listening to what’s happening in people’s lives, pulling back the sticking plaster that we have put upon our society revealing the festering wound underneath.

It was one such day last week when I finished early, and, having nothing else to do upon arriving home, I was left with the feeling that I hadn’t provided enough service, hadn’t given enough, hadn’t helped enough that day. Wanting to alleviate these feelings I decided to go for a walk and do a quick live talk on the Wisdom app voicing my frustrations, and wondering what the solution was to society’s ails.

By the end of that talk I was very surprised to have found what I thought, or I felt to be, the solutions right in front of me all along…

** second link is remainder of talk as I lost signal**

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