A dream, a nightmare and becoming lucid

So I had another strange dream recently. In the dream I was returning to your place I once worked. It was a residential area. It wasn’t actually  somewhere where I HAD actually worked but more symbolic of a similar place.

It was a housing estate with tightly packed houses and I bet of what might be considered run down perhaps not the nicest place to live. What I was doing there this time was to offer an oracle card reading to a particular girl in a family.

Again this family and girl or more symbolic off perhaps people that I would have encountered during my day to day job, rather than actual people I knew and remembered.

So in the dream I park my car at the entrance to this housing estate, I proceed to get out and I think I took a small bag of belongings with me which for some reason, I set down on the road nearby. A car is parked outside the front door of the house were a few men, including the girls father are talking. When they see me approach, they think I want to converse with the father but I  inform the father that it’s his daughter I want to see.

They’re quite hesitant and speak little it gives me an uneasy feeling I noticed that the girl is in the front seat of the car  and I speak to her, asking her if she remembers me when I used to work in the area. She gives me a curt no (which I disbelieve), then I say something like I’m here to offer you a card reading.

The girl misinterprets saying something like she doesn’t play cards, and I can tell by the tone of her voice that she would not want a reading anyway. I’m thinking at the same time that I’m not even sure if she has a state of consciousness; that would welcome the service that I’m offering to her. Let’s just call it that!

The whole company of people seem to be viewing me with suspicion and I realize that I have made an error coming to such a place where services such as this, and the people who offer them (especially from someone who worked a more regular mundane job) are unwelcome.

I turn to leave wanting to remove myself from this  place when I notice my little bag of belongings sat on the ground is on fire. It seems someone has set it on fire. Before I can process this, I realize to my horror, my car are is gone, someone or someone’s have stolen it!!

I race out of the cul-de-sac and round a corner hoping to catch sight of it. I’m in shock. I can’t believe this is happening. Again!   (sidenote: first time was the number of years ago when I was hijacked, which I actually wrote about on this blog) why did you leave the keys in the car? I remonstrate with myself, still not believing what is happening..

This can’t be happening this can’t be real I think it just can’t be real. I must be dreaming, please let me be dreaming I think to myself. I need to wake up, I need to wake up. But as the seconds tick by, a horrible feeling falls over me that I’m not dreaming, that this is actually happening.But, just at that point of despair a lighter feeling rises up within me and the suffocating coils that this nightmare has wrapped me in loosen and I realise that I actually am dream and so I wake up..

I want to say that this lucidity within dreams, and the ability to pull myself out of uncomfortable or unpleasant dreams is something that I have been able to do; or has been granted me semi-regularly, and I wonder if anyone else experiences this or something similar or akin to it?

Header image: Jaco147 on Deviant Art

2 thoughts on “A dream, a nightmare and becoming lucid

  1. Morning Brother Zenith! I do like your dreams my friend. Yes, I do have dreams I can pull myself out of seemingly in the knick of time needed. I think that is akin to or actually is what is called “awakening within the dream”. We tend to believe that our dreams are an unreal part of us or just a form of thinking but I have begun to see them as parallel (past, present, future) lives…especially ones that mimic what is happening at the time (now) in my life.

    Perhaps take this dream, along with any astrological or planetary readings you have been given and see if it might fit with an occurrence in a past life and perhaps a karmic entanglement from that lifetime. If this lifetime is the time when the great shift in consciousness is to occur then it makes a great deal of sense that certain parallel or past lives, with specific karmic issues in them, are rising up to be cleared.

    In my past lives I have incidence (s) of abusing my mystical gifts…this is something that is coming up regularly for me now and one reason I believe I was told to “heal myself first” before doing healings on others. Now that is specific to me and my issues. Yours of course could be very different.

    Love and Gratitude – mystic


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