Wisdom’s ask me a question #6

Just started to engage with Wisdom Audio again after what felt like a long absence. Part of that is answering questions put to me either other users, but more commonly people outside tyhe app posing questiong. I’m planning on posting hopefully the most interesting responses / questions. You can ask you own on the links below or follow me for whatever reason.



6 thoughts on “Wisdom’s ask me a question #6

  1. It didn’t give me enough space cause I can’t type short anything. I asked in two. 🙂
    Somewhere in LOO the qx is asked if there is someone currently in power that is pure negative path and they flat out will not answer that one. But I read that so long ago and that was my take but I’ve searched and searched and can’t find it. Done now. Much love!

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    1. Hope you got my responses in Wisdom to both your questions. Very challenging fitting in a reply to your great questions in 60 seconds. Please let me know if you don’t get them or would like more info♥️


      1. Leave it to me to mess things up. I am on your channel or blog or something but the ones that appear are not the question I asked. I’m certain I am looking in the wrong place. Direct me pretty please….so sorry…😥

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