blurring the lines of reality and dreams

So this is a little spiritual experience I had recently that I thought I’d share with you the reader. It wasn’t a cosmic,life changing event, but it really made me consider the nature of what we call reality.

So I woke up in the morning just like any other day and took a minute to adjust to my awakened state. As per usual I could hear the distant din of traffic as people started their commute for the day. Once again nothing unusual. But punctuating this metallic dim and muffled roar, was the sound of birdsong. Once again a fairly common occurrence depending on where you reside. Now me, I currently live close to the center of my town in a built up area, birdsong isn’t that common. Not because there are no birds but because the incessant noise of automobiles and vehicles generally tend to drown out any potential sound that birds make.

Still this was not out of place sounding to my half awake ears and brain; in fact, it was stunningly beautiful. I listened to the call of the unknown bird twice, above the semi vague noise of said traffic and thought to myself, ‘that’s really nice, but I had a very late night last night and I’m still tired, so I think I’ll roll over and go back to sleep covering my ears with my bedded quilt.’

Now, before I could revisit the land of Nod, a thought entered my mind, my thought or another I really don’t know, but the thought went along the lines of ‘wait a minute, that’s no ordinary birdsong.’ My own definite thoughts followed this line of thought. Ive never heard any bird or heard of any bird in either Ireland or indeed the entire United Kingdom sing or call like that. In fact where I have heard bird song like that is in a tropical rain forest, popularized in a lot of movies set in a jungle type location. And now that I think about it, it sounds very much like two different bird calls!’

Upon this realization I immediately became alert, turned around cocking my ear like a dog listening to an inaudible noise, scanning the airwaves like some sort of organic radar dish. The bird calls did not repeat, only the all too familiar sound of tires on asphalt and rumble of engines as cars trundled by. ‘Ok‘ I thought, ‘while very strange but not unwelcome, I think I’ll once again get some shut-eye.’

And so I dozed… And I dreamed (or dreamt). Within that participating story that unfolded in the dream landscape, I heard the exact same bird calls once again. Now here’s the even stranger thing that really was a head scratcher for me when I processed the experience later that day. When I heard the bird calls in the dream I was having, I thought to myself (still in the dream), ‘Ha! That settles it. Those bird calls that you thought you heard when you were AWAKE, were actually not real, because now you’re hearing them when you are dreaming, so by that logic, they were part of another dream like this one.’

So dear reader, what do you think transpired here? Was it all a figment of my imagination? Was it all a dream? Did I imagine the bird song in the first place and then my subconscious replayed it within the dream? Perhaps an actual exotic bird/s somehow escaped a nearby house and I did indeed hear it /them?

Or.. Perhaps what I said transpired actually or in some way transpired. A blurring of realities.A message perhaps to show me or inform me that reality is not all it’s cracked up to be, that we do indeed live in a multi-dimensional reality whose walls are paper thin or porous enough that we can become lucid even in our sleeping states. Perhaps even all of the above is true and this is another one of those mind-bending paradoxes we encounter in this three dimensional reality.

Perhaps you are of the mindset that its was nothing more than an elaborate dream in which case you have every right to accept and believe that scenario. But what I’ve yet to talk about and what has kept me away from this blog is the traumatic and mentally exhausting few months I’ve had. I’ve been battered emotionally and mentally, physically sick and ill, but spiritually refined. At times I felt utterly trapped within the laws of physics and trapped, chained even almost believing the limiting beliefs foisted upon me were actually true. I will perhaps talk about this period in my life, but what this experience has shown me is that ones perception of reality can be as limiting or as expansive as you choose it to be.

Stepping forward in faith or confining yourself to the safe limits that you known all your life. Will you take the red pill or will you take the blue pill, Its all a matter of choice.

Heading Image: Mariana Montrazi at

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