The Podcast in 2022

Too often we our own biggest critic and don’t give ourselves enough credit for the good things we do or accomplish. So I’m talking time to celebrate my humble little podcast, celebrate something I’ve accomplished in my life that I can be proud of. So here’s my own little podcasts stats!!

When I decided to start podcasting, I had no idea what I was doing, I had no marketing, fanfare or peers to spread the word, just this blog, which was created in the same way. Heck, I didn’t even known if anyone would want to listen to me!!

Your own media may not be world changing, it may not have the biggest reach, but it doesn’t have to be, its yours, its unique and its worth a dam! If just one person listens in or reads your content, then that one more person than if you didn’t try at all.

So this is not only a pat on the back, big hugs and lots of love myself ,but to each and all of you who read this, or have tuned into an episode (or two), THANK-YOU!!! Its not about being popular, or being a star, my intention when creating this blog, then podcast followed by all the rest of the media I’ve (been dragged kicking and screaming into) created, was to be of service, to help people by my experiences and the help given to me by those who watch over me, all the life changing advice I’ve been the beneficiary of.

To give it back in the hope that it helps others in whatever way its needed. Sometimes the path is lonely, you wonder if you are posting in a vacuum, but when just one person contacts and tells you how needed your post or other media was, it makes it all the worthwhile and gives the impetus to continue..

So to all you creators out there or those who are considering it, to paraphrase a well know slogan, JUST DO IT! The reward is your own creation, something very much worth celebrating…

Much Love – Zenith

Also available as an audio in the home menu and on the following sites (click the picture):

*Now on Samsung Free podcasts*

**If you would like to become a podcast host or guest on the show use my affiliate link below**

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