My Wisdom Ban

So recently (about 1 months ago) I found myself on the receiving end of Wisdom’s policy enforcers. A message notified me that I had broken wisdom conduct code. At first I thought this was an error in the wisdom app, but upon checking it the next day opening the wisdom app and attempting a talk; I found that I was not able to host a talk. Not only that but I was only able to 2C end or receive messages to other Wisdom hosts within the wisdom app, and also unable to answer or send any questions

So effectively I was facing a near total bomb from the wisdom app, the only thing that I was able to do was listening to other talks so I was effectively a disembodied spectre and I had no idea what I had supposedly done to have caused this. Wisdom, for all good features of innovative ideas is sorely lacking in this department. I received no notification of what part of the code of conduct I had supposedly broken. No message through wisdom, no email from the wisdom support team, nothing!

I reached out to Wisdom by email expecting a fairly swift reply asking what the offence was, was I reported for some sort of inappropriate language? Was it a message to one of the other hosts in the back chat? Or was it something in one of the questions that I had asked of one of the other hosts? Once again, silence. Nothing at all in the coming days or weeks from Wisdom support.

No-one else could figure out what it was that I had supposedly done wrong, and for a day or two I had to communicate through other Wisdom hosts via telegram to get a message sometimes life if two other Wisdom hosts who I could not communicate with, in this way it kind of made a mockery of the ban as I was still able to communicate with someone as the medium (pun intended) into the wisdom app.

A few days later my ability to host talks was reinstated, but still no ability to send messages too other Wisdom hosts. I actually had a few close friends send messages of support to the wisdom support team and state that if this was how Wisdom decided to operate they no longer wanted to be a part of the wisdom community.

When I was able to do my next live talk I was flanked at either side by two of my very close friends who decided to guest on my talk and we give an impassioned speech about the value of being able to express your opinion without being offensive, the hypotheses of how some people are banned for frivolous things whilst others make a fence sieve statements and seem to remain.

We talked about the value of wisdom as a community and its potential to be one of those things that are noted in history books has been fundamental to changes in society. I had a few other guests who joined the talk supporting me stating that they could not think of a more tolerant, loving, embracing person who was the antithesis of someone could cause offence. It was interesting as I noticed the wisdom finder was listening into that talk. A few days later or perhaps the next day my ability to send an answer questions was reinstated. Bust still no message function

As stated this situation continued for over a month with no explanation from Wisdom support to inform me of one part of the code of conduct I had allegedly broken if someone had reported my talk for something inappropriate ( whatever that could have been). It layed to a situation where I became less and less involved in wisdom, Angelo I did find out that this had happened to a few people, and they got the message that they had violated the code of conduct, they did not lose access to their features for a length of time like this.

Towards the end of last week (7th Dec) I resolved that my only course of action was to leave a negative review in the Google play store as I know developers generally respond to negative reviews. So I left my negative review and still there was no reply. Login into the app at the start of this week ( 5th Dec) I decided I would host a final talk stating that if I did not get this resolved I was quitting wisdom for good.

Before I started the talk something told me to check to see if there had been any change in my blocked message status. It was with the raised eyebrow that I noticed my message function had been reinstated. So there it is I’m fully functional in Wisdom Audio again, but still absolutely no idea how or why I allegedly broke the code of conduct or whether someone unknown to me had reported me for some reason.

Wisdom is always innovating and seeking you to draw others to the platform, the latest endeavour is to offer you ‘Mentorcoin’ ( I enough and you can exchange monetary vouchers), if you invite three people to join wisdom. But due to my experience I don’t feel that this is something I could offer people I know with a good heart.

So there you go, Wisdom, great potential, not so good in support and help. If I ever find out what it was that I impinged upon or if someone reported me for something I will be sure to write about it here, that’s if I don’t receive another validation for as I still don’t know what it is I allegedly violated I am I meant to avoid repeating the same offence??

2 thoughts on “My Wisdom Ban

  1. Very happy to hear it turned out well. It would be very unsettling to not know why you were banned in the first place. It leaves room for too many doubts. It isn’t ideal to use a platform that does not elicit a feeling of safety.

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    1. No it doesn’t inspire confidence that the same or a similar issue could occur. There is a survey being conducted by Wisdom where I and a few Wisdom friends will definitely highlight this issue /problem. Maybe they’ll take steps to improve their customer service department or actually respond to service emails:-)


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