As it is now, so won’t it be.

These past seven months have been very difficult and life has proceeded at a glacial pace. Time slows to a grinding halt and you look to each hour, day and week for some sign of progress that your own life will kick-start into great again. Like some bygone western pioneer, who scans the horizon each day awaiting the return of kin and to bring back news from yonder.

Life passes by in monochrome as you struggle to occupy yourself. Long walks become your go to as you seek to detox from both the monotony and chaos that makes up your current residency. Shared  accommodation life is not easy…

Navigating others ups downs and trauma release by addiction is challenging to say the least, and being an empath compounds it as you absorb, like a sponge, the swirling emotions and off-kiltering chaos. Like a great storm at sea, you lash yourself to the wheel as the waters overspill and threaten to drown you and your ship.

Messages come and go and whisper in your ear, that serene calmer waters lie up ahead, have faith they say, faith though is a commodity in short supply right now; base level survival is more the order of the day I think. But then after a time, an angel steps forth and tells you, ‘ you are going to be granted a blessing, but you must have patience!’ and then steps back to resume its change and care over me, along with all of the others.

Ahhh patience! patience, patience, patience. The last great message and vision I received before my life was turned upside down. It was symbolized by my not dream of being a blue Heron bird. A spirit animal guide and the need to embody the qualities of the Heron.

My photo of Blue Heron

Months later, when I arrive at what’s to be my now home for the past six months, I take many walks along the disused canals, only to see and hear, sometimes quiet blatantly, the sight and sounds of the Heron’s as they take flight and screech in acknowledgment. It never fails to amaze me how my guides and protectors knew I would end up here.

Lately, I’ve been asking my higher self for three specific things in my meditations. Three things that I have spelt out that will move me forward in my journey. Asking, every day. Two of those things have been granted….

Now the unchanging rock that gathered moss begins to crack and split, in-between, green shoots of new life emerge…

Image: River of Fate by Likozor

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