Bedshaped Musings…

So I sent my friend a video that is (was) reflective of my current circumstances ( see my post Endings and Rebirths ). Thankfully this experience and time in my life has a light at the end of the tunnel and I will talk about what has befallen me.

I loved the response as it’s the response of an unfiltered mind, in that, she speaks how she thinks. It astounded me, so I thought it deserved a wider audience, to let more people into this mind

This video.. is really good…

It for sure … tells an intimate story, one that any one who has given themselves the experience of self reflection, deeply, through a sense of separation and acceptance, of loneliness and loss, of hardship and worth.. and knows that every single soul is ..

A Soul.

Every soul is another soul.
Every photon is an equal photon.

Its all of us.. in each of us, a story we unfold, a story as it’s told. Our story to see, seek, share, know.

You will feel in service to self when you seek to see others and let drop the self, like filters that you have been carrying; layered upon you like clothes handed down and with no where else to put them, we put them on.

We carry them around, thinking that we have this obligation, thinking that in the ownership of things we never really wanted, things we didn’t know how to turn down, that we are somehow.. better seen if we do.. we buy into the illusion that the clothes will make us visible.
But they cloud our eyes, fog our minds and dull our ability to sense the world through our bodies…

When we are able to shed these things and just see another soul as a kindred human being.. then we are truly able to experience ourselves through the union of doing so.

It’s about… love and releasing the attachment to forgetting.
Release the falsehood in what we are told to do, be and where to go.

Release that which never quite felt right inside and just allowing love to flow through us that we can then be found.. and at times that means we need to … scrub and scrub until we feel like we have finally found ourselves underneath it all…

Sometimes we think we need to be in a place where we can just … scour the walls, floors, beds, windows, doors and every visible surface until we can finally feel like we can breath from under all the layers the world told us to put on and so.. we wore them way too long.

In each of us is a child, that child is always there. It isn’t that we came to save anyone or save even ourselves, for saving is a thing of human design.

We came to be in experience, to witness and to remember our own way home so that others can find their way in the dark .. that we can be an illuminating being as we begin to discover our inner illumination.. and in this example of loving others, of seeing self in others, of loving oneself we begin to glow, we always were glowing, we only had too many layers of illusion blocking our light out, upon our bodies.

We came for the ways in which we can connect in love and light, for this is the power that fuels us, this is the source of the illumination, the conduction of energy must have a path to flow upon… it is the connections we create, it is the love the makes us brighter, it is the reminders and the experience of it all that calls us home.

It does not make the journey less perilous, it does not mean it isn’t not hard to know this. It merely means.. we have a destination and the only thing that slows down the journey to arrive there is the moments when we believe we are lost and there is nowhere else to go.

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2 thoughts on “Bedshaped Musings…

  1. 🙂
    To see is to be seen. If I seek anything, I see to see. To see myself in you because I love the human you are being and to make this true I must see then my worth as well, I must see you and see the me in you, this see myself.
    It’s totally a paradox which is just another way of saying a thing makes no sense but .. I know what I mean:)
    It’s .. this totally unedited me is really the only way I want to be and still.. I find myself trying to suck and hide when I do.
    So, in this, with intention of doing you or not, it’s like telling one’s child they simply must go on stage and perform the role.. they stepped into a commitment.
    You know, no matter the humiliation or the applause, you know they will grow from it. What else is there but to expand and contract and expand even further on the next breathe and.. just see all that we can see:)
    If not a school play… then when a friend pushed you off the diving board or down a water slide and you were so about to turn back but now it is too late and time stops and you scream and life is plummeting to a dead end halt and then.. you laugh and get up and say ok, let’s go again. You are glad they did because you knew and they knew you just needed and even secretly hoped for a push down the slide. 🙂 What are friends for if not to get you into moments where you are cursing their name as your think your life is going to flash before your eyes any minute now… 🙂

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