Wisdom on a saturday morn

**Updated to include the actual talk**

So I couldn’t sleep on Saturday morning, the noise of heavy traffic outside my window at 6am was infuriating. I cursed the system that we live within where we are caught in the grind ever more increasingly and people are working longer than ever to make a wage. So it was with some small amount of ire that I decided to get up and go for a walk. I decided that I would host a Wisdom talk on this very subject about the problems that afflict us in our current societies and looking for solutions.

Stepping into my car and turning the ignition, I was horrified to realize it wouldn’t start. No mater what I tried it was lifeless. Drudgingly I realized that the only walk that led to green pastures and canal banks was one that crossed the hectic busy town I was beholden too. So with a large chip upon my shoulder and dissatisfaction reigning, I started my talk and began to make the trek across town at a time when the machinery and apparatus of industry began to whirr and the townspeople began to rise from their collective slumbers.

That this talk ended up being so positive and inspiring was in no small part due to guest that day, who like me was in her own mire of discontent. Together we soul searched our planetary problems and were united by our common solutions…

This was that talk…

Rant In D Minor: Longing for a better world


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