How Special You Are And What The Amazing Time You Live In Video Podcast

Do you know how utterly amazing and astonishing you are? Didn’t or don’t think you are? This podcast will explain how wrong you are. Not only how unique you are, but what an important time in the history of the planet you are living through; this and what you can do to bring about ‘Heaven’ or ‘Paradise’ on Earth.

The clock is ticking

I AM mantra

featuring videos from: Aric Shelby, Darli Donizete, Inu Etc, James Cheney, Katy Ramn, khanhhoangminh, Luis Quinteroa, mobi day, NST Pictures, mary bruno, abbas malek hosseini, angela-maria, cottonbro, diane, dmitry varennikov, kelly lacy, kindel-media, matthias groeneveld, mohit jain, paolo sandionigi, pat whelen, playermello, rodnae productions, zura-narimanishvili, rostislav uzunov, soua films, taryn Elliotta, tom fisk, logan primmvideo, WeStarMoney, Yaroslav Shuraev, younus yousuf and zura narimanishvili

All curtsey of

**Available as an audio everywhere there’s good podcasting hosts**

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